Which cars last the longest 2023

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When you buy a car there are many factors in your mind like comfort space design etc In most cases people are looking for a vehicle that lasts longer, so they can invest their money in the best so it can make it profitable. 

There are many factors that depend on the longevity of the cars it depends on the way you drive and the condition of the roads.

According to a survey, Toyota and full-size SUVs are more likely to reach 200,000 miles or more. 

With new and high-record prices, customers are looking for a vehicle that lasts longer and is reliable to return their investment.

Here are the following vehicles, known as the best ones that last longer and are reliable.

Table of the contents

1 Toyota Land Cruiser 

2 Toyota Sequoia

3 Ford Expedition 

4 Chevrolet Suburban

5 GMC Yukon XL 

Toyota Land Cruiser

The land cruiser is more innovative and luxurious. It comes with a new twin-turbo V6 engine with modern innovation and technology.It is also available in automatic transmission. Fuel mileage depends upon the variant and type. The Land Cruiser is a five-seater car with 6 cylinders and has a length of 4685mm and width is about 1980mm and a wheelbase of 2850mm.

2 Toyota Sequoia

Toyota’s Sequoia has developed a reputation as a reliable and long-lasting full-size SUV due to its reliability and long-lasting nature.. The Sequoia is not unique, with a solid frame and framework made to withstand the strains of regular driving and off-road adventures. The flexibility of the engine is notable.which provides a smooth drive.

Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition is a full-sized SUV which is known for its durability. it is designed to handle tough conditions of roads. The Expedition is powered by a 3.3 EcoBoost with a V6 engine plus also has 6 cylinders that deliver impressive horsepower while being fuel efficient. e is paired with 10- an automatic suspension which provides smooth shifts. It also has engines with a towing capacity of 9300 pounds. the fuel efficiency of the expedition depends upon the way of driving and the conditions of the roads

Chevrolet Suburban

The suburban also comes with different advanced safety features which makes it more comfortable for the customers.It is a full-sized SUV designed to be fuel-efficient and durable.The Chevrolet Suburban has a reputation for being a strong, long-lasting vehicle who is known for its durability. However, depending on aspects such maintenance, driving design, and climate, any vehicle’s durability may differ.

GMC Yukon XL

The  GMC Yukon XL is a full-sized SUV which is built for power and performance and provides the best fuel efficiency. The latest version of the  GMC Yukon XL comes with an engine 5.3 litres v8engine  which is capable to provide 388 horsepower and 383 lb-ft torque. besides its durability, it is a fuel economy car which provides 20 miles per gallon while driving on the highway.  GMC Yukon XL also boost with advances safety features.